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UHeart Organizing: DIY Acrylic Drawer Dividers

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First, thank you again so very much for your comments on this week's blogiversary post.  I have been really moved by all you have had to say, and I look forward to many more years with you all.  #bestreadersever

It is always funny when the contributors and I fall into the same organizing wavelengths.  It happens quite often and always causes me to grin big when we are on similar paths with our ideas (great minds think alike right?).  I recently shared how we DIY'd some wooden, adjustable dividers from our son's armoire drawers (yet the concept could be used in any drawer).  Today, Ursula is joining us from Home Made by Carmona, and she is sharing her stunning acrylic version of adjustable drawer dividers.  The best part, no major tools are required and they will turn out incredibly lovely.  Acrylic anything gets my heart racing, and this project was no exception.

Hi there amazing organizing lovers! Ursula here from Home Made by Carmona, excited to share with you my latest and greatest in stylish organizing.

There is nothing I hate more than having to sort through a drawer to find what I'm looking for. Any drawer, kitchen drawer, bathroom drawer, clothing drawer, office supply drawer... you name it! Ideally, wouldn't it be amazing to know exactly where everything is, where it goes, and when you opened a drawer you could see everything at a glance? Ah-mazing. Am I dreaming? Well then don't pinch me, because I'm not willing to wake up from this one!

In order to achieve this dream, half the battle is organizing the drawer in a way that maximizes the space and allows you to get a clear view of everything in it. So, today I'm going to show you how to make stylish and custom adjustable acrylic drawer organizers. I made an entire set for my bedroom wardrobe, and I LOVE them!

Why custom? Because I am not of fan of purchasing a set of acrylic organizers that don't fit precisely in the drawer and end up wasting some space. Now with these DIY acrylic organizers, you can adjust the inserts to fit into the drawer perfectly. As a matter of fact, they are designed specifically to each individual drawer!

Ready to get started?

Materials what you'll need:
  • Dentil molding
  • Plastic sheets
  • Wood glue
  • Finishing nails (optional)

Tools you'll need:
  • Hack saw (or something to cut molding to size)
  • Carpenters steel square
  • Vice grips
  • Plastic cutter (or really sharp utility knife)
  • Measuring tape
  • Paint & spray paint, painters tape (all optional)

Begin by measuring the length of your drawers and cutting 4 pieces of dentil molding to size. Be sure that each piece of molding will line up (so start cuts from the same location on each square). These will act as slots where you can insert your dividers.

Glue down the two pieces of dentil molding to the back and two to the front of the drawer. One at the bottom of the drawer, and one near the top. If you like you can use finishing nails to add a little security and hold the molding in place.

*Alteration Note: If you prefer your organizers going across the drawer rather than back to front, that is fine, add the molding to the sides of the drawer instead.

While your molding dries in place. Measure the drawer from front to back, from molding strip to molding strip. Remember, you want your dividers to be able to slide in place without being too snug or too loose, so measure from the crevice in the molding, to the crevice of the molding on the opposite side. This is going to be the length of your acrylic sheet. Then measure how deep your drawer sides are, and you'll have the dimensions for your acrylic (plastic) insert.

Place your acrylic sheet on top of a piece of scrap wood you don't mind cutting/damaging. Using your carpenters steel square (or T-square, whatever you have) and a pair of vice grips to hold it in place, you will use your plastic cutter to score the acrylic sheet in the desired size. You will want to score it 3 or 4 times in the same line... go slowly as it is easy for the cutter to wander outside of the lines you are trying to make. Accuracy is more important than pressure when scoring; remember you're not trying to cut it, you're trying to score it.

Next move it down to the edge of your wood work top, still using the carpenter square and vice grips along the score line. Allow it to overhang right where the score line is, then gently snap the acrylic by pressing downward. This part is much easier than you'd think, it doesn't take much pressure, and the break line is quite clean! Do this for as many inserts as you desire to have.

Tip: if you have a small piece that needs to be broken off, without much of an over hang, use a pair of pliers instead of your hands to break along the score line.

Now if you like, you can paint your drawer, and even add a little glam to your acrylic inserts by spray painting the bottom. I love a gorgeous metallic gold, so I am covering the tops, and spray painting the bottoms.

I love that these acrylic dividers are adjustable. Finally time to insert your acrylic dividers and get organizing!

Practical, yet stunning! My entire set of wardrobe drawers got a full organizing makeover!

Just to give you a peek at a few of my drawers, and how I organized them; notice how everything is easily visible without having to sort through it to find what you need?

You could make these same organizers using wooden inserts, but honestly I just love the look of acrylic. It is beautiful and reflective, and nothing can get mistakenly hidden by being jammed in a corner somewhere.

Whether you need small slots, large slots, or you need to change how many acrylic dividers you require for each drawer, it is easily done without having to run out and purchase a new set of organizers.

Now everything in my freestanding wardrobe is customized to my exact needs; when my needs change, everything in it is easily changed... as a matter of fact, this entire unit is a DIY build! If you like, you can learn how I turned two small IKEA rast dressers into this wardrobe you see.

Then come back, and make these DIY acrylic organizers to go with them. It will be the perfect custom combination!


"Hi, I'm Ursula and I blog at Home Made by Carmona where there is always a fun DIY project in play. I've got expensive taste and no money, I'm a neat freak who's house didn't get that memo, and I firmly believe organization has the power to improve our homes, habits, and the members that abide there! I'm so thrilled to be here at IHeart Organizing, the blog that first inspired me to start my own blogging journey."

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Jacksonville, Florida
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Savage Love Letter of the Day: God Hates Fags Blah Blah Blah


Remember this guy from earlier this morning?


I wrote him back. Our long email exchange... after the jump.

You are a disgusting piece of shit! I am and forever conservative who believes in GOD! I am against all you fucking faggots and I will continue to destroy everything you try to create. I will fight you and your fag agenda forever! Come down my street you fudge packing coward. You won't because you are scared, you are a spineless, sick, repugnant and disgusting piece of shit. You will NOT win, you and all the other fags & dikes will lose and you will lose in a huge way. Eternity in hell will be a wonderful place for you!—Zack

It’s spelled “dykes,” Zack, not “dikes."—Dan

Hahahaha, either way, it's still disgusting!!!! The reason for this email is that you trying to shove your evil agenda down everyone's throat is what pisses me off. I and others like me aren't going around shoving our Christian conservatism down your throat! Why is it that you living in your own sin not good enough? Why do you think you have to poison everyone else you can? You do realize you are an evil and vile person don't you?—Zack

When you tell me I can’t marry because it violates your alleged god’s supposed concept of marriage, that’s you shoving your Christian conservatism down my throat.

I have no problem with you living out your faith—but you can’t require me to live out your faith as well, or curtail my civil rights because your god supposedly said this or that about me and mine. Gay people getting legally married doesn’t impact you in the slightest. Christian conservatives preventing gay people from marrying impacts us greatly.

Here's an idea: You do your thing, I do mine.—Dan

Hahahaha, Are you mental? Sadly enough, No one has been successful in stopping you from living your disgusting lifestyle. If I have anything to do with it, I will do everything in my power to put you abnormal freaks back in the closet where you belong! Marriage has been defined between a man and a woman since the beginning of time whether you believe it or not. You are the deviants who chose to ignore that. My God is the ONLY God whether you chose to believe it not. However, you will answer one day, you will be held accountable one day. So you keep on living your atheist and faggot lifestyle. The fire in hell will be awfully hot for eternity.

Yes, you disgusting fags getting married affects every person, I should not have to explain to my children why to dick suckers are holding hands in a public place. Since this has happened a few times to me and my kids, I simply explain it to them exactly the way it is. I tell them that those idiots are deviates from mankind that have a mental disorder and will burn in hell for an eternity for what the are willfully doing. I simply explain and always will explain to them that you people are disgusting and chose to live in your sin. I DO NOT promote hatred but I do tell them the truth and explain to them the consequences of what you people will face on judgement day! It's simple, thanks to me, they understand you freaks are abnormal and not of God. They also understand to stay away from and know you idiots for what you truly are.

Come judgment day my sick and twisted friend, YOU WILL ANSWER FOR YOUR SINS! Like you, I too will have plenty to answer for but I assure you it won't be for destroying "marriage" and God's name in the manner that you have/are!

You need help and a BIBLE!!!!

There's no need for you to reply. Trying to help you understand what you are doing is the same as talking to a crackhead/drunk.—Zack

You know... fags were holding hands in public places long before we could legally marry. And marriage has, for most of human history, been a polygamous institution: one man and as many women as he could marry, purchase, or rape. (Forcing a virgin to marry her rapist—just another totally biblical marriage.) We’ve redefined marriage before—straight people have before, many times—and we can (and just have) redefined it again. And remember what Chris Rock said about hating on gay people…

“You don’t like gays, you gonna have a gay son.”

I hope, for you kids’ sake, that none of your kids are gay.—Dan

P.S. I have a bible! Lots of them! I was raised by a preacher—a homophobic one (at the time; my dad is over it now)—and look how i turned out. It's like Chris Rock said: Don't like gays, gonna have a gay son. Don't want your kids to be gay? Don't hate gays.

Yeah, look how you turned out. Hahaha! I'd say you didn't listen to your preacher very well or you just love sticking your dick where another man takes a shit. Either way, your a sick freak! You have not redefined anything, crazy man!!! You do not have the authority to redefine what God has setforth!

And btw, my son has no use for fags. He finds them to be disgusting sick freaks just like I have taught him. You have no credibility if you live your life on quotes from that loser Chris Rock, hahaha!—Zack

But what if… I don’t believe in your god?

And you do know that more straight people have anal sex than gay people do? In real numbers, not percentages. But there are more straight butt fuckers out there than gay ones. Are you concerned about men sticking their dicks where women take shits? Or just dudes doing that?

And it’s “You’re a sick freak,” not “your a sick freak.” And you know what? I pretended to have no use for fags when I was a kid too, Zack, because I didn't want my dad to think I was gay. Just saying.—Dan

You don't believe in God? Well, you will pay the price one day with an eternity in hell. That's about as simple as I can explain it. If you knew so much about the bible you would already know this. Being a fag is a sin. Deviate asexual activity between a man and a woman is not going to send a person to hell like being a fag will.—Zack

So anal sex is okay with God if it’s traditional anal sex? Opposite-sex anal is godly anal?—Dan

Show me one scripture in the Bible that God said as long as a man and a woman are married they cannot have anal sex? God CLEARLY said man/man, woman/woman who engages in sex shall be put to death! There is NO debate on this. If you can read and comprehend you can see what God said about this issue! I DO NOT agree with anal sex from any standpoint, it is unhealthy, sick and serves NO purpose for anything! It is nothing more than evil and deviate. People who have dignity, self respect, character and believe in God DO NOT do these kinds of things in the first place!

You cannot make any valid point on this subject with me. Show me in the Bible where God said being a fag is ok and I'll change my mind!—Zack

Your gonad-obsessed god condemns the spilling of seed. That’s why sodomy laws banned not just man-in-man sodomy, but man-in-woman sodomy as well. And you know what? I can show you in the bible where God said owning slaves was okay… and another part where the bible talks about how unicorns exist. And witches. So, hey, maybe the authors of the bible didn’t get everything right?

I’m willing to concede that the bible is anti-gay. (Some folks are unwilling to concede that point.) But whether the bible is pro-gay, anti-gay, or neutral-on-the-gay is completely irrelevant, Zack, because we don’t live in a fucking theocracy. You can refrain from sucking cocks if you think your god doesn’t approve—but I hope you fuck women because you’re actually attracted to them, Zack, not just because god told you not to suck dicks—but I don’t have to refrain from fucking men because your god, who I do not believe in and am not required to obey, doesn’t want me sucking dicks.—Dan

You poor pitiful soul. You are as lost as of a human being as i have ever heard of. You need to repent, pray and ask God to forgive you. Otherwise, you are a doomed soul. Goodbye.—Zack

Bye! It was nice talking to you—but I gotta go fuck my husband’s butt now. You know... every time I think I'm finally done packing his fudge, he calls and tells me there’s more that needs packing. Being a faggot is hard work, man. You're lucky your God says you can't join us.—Dan

You truly have a mental disorder aside from being a fag and atheist. It a shame that you have no desire to save your soul because of you overwhelming amount of selfishness. What a shame!—Zack

Perhaps I’ve adopted the right attitude and managed to convert a negative stress (the slim chance that a God exists, that it’s the God you happen to worship, that he actually does obsess about our genitals, and that this hell place exists, etc.) into a positive one (my enjoyment of my husband’s rear end)?—Dan

Hahaha, like i said. You have a mental disorder.—Zack

These days I like to describe my mental state—and my marriage, and my sexuality—with a phrase lifted from Anthony Kennedy's majority decision in Obergefell v. Hodges: It is so ordered.—Dan

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Mug Cakes: 40 Speedy Cakes to Make in a Microwave

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Mug Cakes: 40 Speedy Cakes to Make in a MicrowaveMug cakes are not substitute for oven-baked cakes when you want to make an especially impressive dessert or need to bake for a crowd. Mug cakes are perfect when you want to treat yourself to a little something special without devoting a lot of time or resources to it – and when you want to do it quickly. These little cakes are baked in mugs in the microwave, no oven required, and they are just as much fun to make as they are to eat. In Mug Cakes: 40 Speedy Cakes to Make in a Microwave, you’ll find plenty of recipes that will help you get a cake fix quickly any time you need it.

The book begins with an introduction to mug cakes and the prep that goes into making them. Mug cakes tend to be easy to mix up and very straightforward, but you’ll still need to measure your ingredients carefully to get the small quantities correct. The mug that you use to bake is also important and the book suggests giving your mugs a test run to ensure that they are going to be a good fit for the job. The recipes are divided into several categories: Classics, Occasions, Happy Hour and Treats. The last chapter includes recipes that aren’t necessarily cakes, such as Chocolate Chip Cookies and Rice Krispy treats , while the other chapters provide recipes for more traditional cakes, with flavors from Black Forest to White Russian.

I enjoyed the range of recipes in this book and the fact that plenty of “fun” flavors are included. The cocktail-themed mug cakes are a nice change of pace from some of the more traditional cake options out there. The recipes are intersperced with beautiful photos of the cakes (and cute mugs) that will inspire you to start experimenting with small-batch cakes in your own kitchen as soon as you start turning the pages.

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2487 days ago
Dangerous knowledge. But possibly also good for dieting? Smaller portions, anyway!
Jacksonville, Florida
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